The HR Connection

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The HR Connection is a monthly newsletter intended for payroll, benefits & human resources staff of MoDOT & the Highway Patrol. It provides legislative and policy updates pertaining to MPERS as well as serving as a forum to address any questions or confusion pertaining to our daily work.

Please email Angel Backes at if you have any questions about The HR Connection, or if you have a topic you would like addressed in a future edition.

March 2017

New Board Chair & Vice Chair ♦ MPERS FYI 2017 – A Popular Annual Financial Report ♦ MPERS Webinar ♦ Pre-Retirement Seminars ♦ Pre-Retirement Seminars for March ♦ 2017 Board Meeting Schedule

February 2017

New Board Member♦ 2017 COLA Rate ♦ Salary for Benefit Statements ♦ Legislative Updates ♦ Monday, February 13, 2017 ♦ 2017 Board Meeting Schedule

January 2017

Monday, January 9, 2017 ♦ MPERS Forms ♦ Active Employee Newsletter ♦ 1099Rs ♦ Webinar Series ♦  2016 Industry Innovation Awards ♦ 2017 Board Meeting Schedule


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