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Member Survey Feedback

We received many responses to our two surveys, thank you for the input.  We hope you liked the feedbag email, it did get some attention (mostly positive).  And with the additional responses we thought we should be more proactive and provide responses to the issues our members brought to our attention via the surveys.

We will post our responses, such as the one below, to our website banner periodically over the next few months to address the concerns raised in the surveys.  We will archive these write ups and other important banner articles in the News Archives link on our main webpage.

We received feedback that our pre-retirement seminars are only for those members within five years of retirement and that more should be done for the younger members.  We agree.

Our seminars are open to the younger crowd, but only if there are seats available.  That little known fact was, well, little known.  We will make a greater effort to let members know that if seats are available two weeks prior to the seminar then they are welcome to attend our pre-retirement seminars regardless of the stage of their career.  We would be remiss if we did not mention our Benefit Basics workshop that is offered to new MPERS members.  This workshop is designed for those earlier in their career.  Attendance would greatly benefit individual retirement preparedness.  We believe our newer members would find this workshop to be useful.