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The HR Connection 2020

We work better, when we work together…

The HR Connection is a quarterly newsletter intended for payroll, benefits & human resources staff of MoDOT & the Highway Patrol. It provides legislative and policy updates pertaining to MPERS as well as serving as a forum to address any questions or confusion pertaining to our daily work.

Please email Angel Backes at Angel.Backes@mpers.org if you have any questions about The HR Connection, or if you have a topic you would like addressed in a future edition.

December 2020

Member Education update ♦ Member Profile report ♦ Comprehensive Annual financial Report  ♦ Measuring Performance Report ♦ The Pensioner Newsletter ♦ Important Dates to Remember

September 2020

Divorce After Retirement Legislation ♦ Pre-Retirement Seminars ♦ Coming Soon: Mid-Career Webinars for those who have 5-15 years of service ♦ COVID-19 Update ♦ Internet Browser Functionality Issues ♦ Remaining Board Meeting Dates for 2020

June 2020

COVID-19 Update ♦ Extended Disability Coverage ♦ Pre-Retirement Seminars ♦ 2-Step Retirement Process Deadlines ♦ Interest on Employee Contributions ♦ FY 2021 Contribution Rates ♦ Distribution Listing ♦ Board Meeting Dates for 2020

April 2020

Workplace Possibilities Program ♦ MPERS’ Forms ♦ Pre-Retirement Seminars ♦ Benefit Statements for Active Employees ♦ Distribution Listing ♦ Board Meeting Dates for 2020