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Missouri Department of Transportation & Missouri State Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System

Governance Policies

“Governance” refers to the method by which the System is directed and controlled. A sound governance structure defines the roles of the different parties that participate in the decision-making process, including the identification of the matters that require action, analysis of options, and the process for making decisions once issues have been evaluated. It also includes the process for implementing and monitoring decisions and assessing their outcomes. Good governance embraces the principles of accountability; transparency; compliance with legal requirements; effectiveness and efficiency; inclusiveness; fairness; responsiveness; and predictability.

  1. Introduction Governance Manual 
  2. Board Officer Descriptions
  3. Board Meeting Protocol
  4. Audit Committee Charter
  5. Budget Committee Charter
  6. Governance Committee Charter
  7. Investment Committee Charter
  8. Board Charter
  9. Accountability Chart
  10. Orientation and Education
  11. Education Evaluation Form
  12. Board Self Evaluation Form
  13. Executive Director Evaluation Process and Criteria
  14. Executive Director Performance Evaluation Form
  15. Board Travel and Expense
  16. Communications 
  17. 17 Trustee Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest 
  18. Executive and Emergency Succession
  19. Funding and Contribution Rate
  20. Legislation
  21. Investment Policy
  22. Indemnity
  23. Quality Service
  24. Staff Compensation Policy Pay for Performance
  25. 25 Strategic Planning
  26. Monitoring and Reporting Policy
  27. Routine Reports for Monitoring and Reporting
  28. 28 Executive Director Charter
  29. CIO Charter