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Missouri Department of Transportation & Missouri State Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System

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The day-to-day management of MPERS is delegated to the executive director who is hired by the Board. The executive director acts as an advisor to the Board on all matters pertaining to the system and, with the approval of the Board, contracts for professional services and employs the remaining staff needed to operate the system.

We are a staff of 18 employees, working in the five divisions and the two units described below. Please click on the name of the person below to learn about them and their role at MPERS.

Director’s Office

The Director’s Office staff provides administrative oversight and support in the areas of legislation, operations, benefits, and investments.

Scott Simon, Executive Director
Greg Beck, Assistant Executive Director
Lois Wankum, Senior Executive Assistant
Barbara Graessle, Senior Administrative Assistant

Financial Services

The Financial Services section is responsible for maintaining all the financial records of MPERS. The chief financial officer (accountant) interacts with the investment custodian, the auditors, the depository bank, Missouri’s Department of Revenue, and the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, the accountant assists the chief investment officer in tracking and predicting target cash balances, participates in annual budget development, prepares monthly budget-to-actual reports, and calculates monthly premium payments to the long-term disability insurer. The accountant also processes MPERS’ semi-monthly office payrolls, reconciles monthly benefit payments and contributions/payrolls posted, and reconciles investment activity.

Jennifer Even, Chief Financial Officer
Mary Sue Fontana, Assistant Chief Financial Officer


The Investments section staff works closely with the general investment consultant to oversee the investment portfolio and provide consulting services to the Board and the executive director. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) formulating investment policy and asset recommendations, (b) providing recommendations on the selection, (c) monitoring and evaluating external investment advisors, (d) measuring and reporting on investment performance, (e) conducting market research on political, financial, and economic developments that may affect the System, and (f) serving as a liaison to the investment community.

Larry Krummen, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
Jennifer Johnson, Manager of Hedge Funds and Private Equity
Tinisha Eickhoff, Manager of Investment Operations
Bobby Hagedorn, Manager of Real Assets and Credit

Legal Services

The Legal Services section advises the executive director and Board on legal matters, reviews and approves investment and other contracts for MPERS, advises staff on the application of state and federal statutes affecting the administration of plan benefits, responds to requests from members and their attorneys related to plan benefits, engages in or oversees litigation affecting MPERS, and assists in developing policies, rules, and legislation impacting MPERS’ operations and the administration of plan benefits.

Greta Bassett-Seymour, General Counsel

Member Services

The Member Services section consists of two units devoted to serving member needs.

The Benefits Unit is responsible for contact with the membership regarding the benefit programs administered by MPERS, which include retirement and disability. The benefit staff is responsible for preparing and delivering the pre-retirement and benefit basics seminars in addition to assisting with the development of member communication material.

Mary Jordan, Senior Benefit Specialist
Bev Wilson, Benefit Audit Specialist
Julie West, Communications Specialist

The Payroll Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining all membership records including (a) maintaining member data on the pension administration system, (b) verifying retirement calculations, (c) balancing payroll deductions, (d) verifying SAM II data against exception reports, and (e) entering payroll, service, and leave data into the System’s computerized database.

Angel Backes, Senior Account Technician
Tammy Kroll, Senior Account Technician
Leigh Love, Senior Account Technician