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Tax Withholding Information
COLA History 2018 Update
Fiscal Year 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
MPERS FYI 2017 – Summary Annual Financial Report
2011 Tier Member Vesting

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Public Pension Coordinating Council Award
Secure Member Access

Attention Former Vested Members
FY 17 Financial Status Updated
Which Plan Am I In
2017 Buyout Information
Buyout Questions and Answers
Measuring MPERS Performance – FY2017
Fiscal Year 2017 Investment Performance Returns
Retiree Newsletter June 2017

New Legislation Impacting MPERS
Registration is now open online for all pre-retirement seminars
Scams That Target Seniors
“Surprises in Retirement” By Greg Beck, MPERS Assistant Executive Director

The 2011 Tier:  MPERS Webinar Series

MPERS Investment Expenses

MPERS’ Expenses

Identity Theft

2017 COLA Rate
Board of Trustees

“The Feedbag” – January Active Newsletter

Five Biggest Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid


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2016 Industry Innovation Awards
Saving for Retirement – Are you ready for Retirement

“The Feedbag” – December Retiree Newsletter

Year 2000 and 2011 Tier Retirement Handbook

Nearly-to Mid Career Retirement
Cost of Living Adjustment
MPERS Pays $214,952,798 Annually in Benefits to Missouri Residents
Contacting MPERS
“The Feedbag” – July Active Newsletter

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Workplace Possibilities
Member Survey Feedback  – How are We Doing and Website Feedback
Benefit Formula

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
Greg Beck, New Assistant Executive Director