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Missouri Department of Transportation & Missouri State Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System


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We offer multiple publications to keep you informed of your benefits and the retirement system in general. From subject matter brochures to comprehensive handbooks describing your retirement and disability benefits, there is a wealth of information available online or by contacting one of our benefit specialists.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please give us a call at (800) 270-1271.

Popular Annual Financial Report

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

As a component unit of the State of Missouri, MPERS is required to annually produce a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). This report is intended to provide our stakeholders with a thorough review of the System’s operations for the past fiscal year.

Actuarial Reports            

This link will take you to our current and previous valuation reports and experience studies.

Audit Reports

MPERS is required annually to have our records reviewed by an outside auditor. The link above will take you to the results of our last five audit reports.


Got questions?  We’ve got the answers! We have over 15 brochures dedicated to specific topics such as the BackDROP, Divorce, Military Service, and Understanding Your Retirement Decisions.


Retirement and disability benefits can be complicated. Therefore, we have created our retirement and disability handbooks to provide you with one location to look for any questions you may have.


An important goal for us is to communicate with our members regarding changes or updates that occur. This link will take you to various newsletters we distribute to meet our communication goals.