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Missouri Department of Transportation & Missouri State Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System

BackDROP is a payment option that members of the Closed Plan or the Year 2000 Plan may elect at retirement (if eligible). This option provides a way for you to receive a lump-sum payment at retirement in addition to your ongoing monthly benefits.

Advantage of the BackDROP

  • The BackDROP gives you an additional option for receiving your retirement benefit.
  • You will receive a portion of your retirement benefit in a lump sum.  This may help you pay off a loan, medical bills, etc.
  • You could increase your retirement savings by rolling the lump sum into an eligible retirement plan such as any of the following: traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Roth IRA or your Mo Deferred Comp account for use at a later date.

Disadvantages of the BackDROP

  • Electing the BackDROP may reduce your monthly benefit amount. How will this affect the amount you need to live on each month?
  • If you select the cash option to receive the lump sum payment, it could result in a large federal and state income tax liability in addition to the 20% MPERS is required to withhold at the time of payment.
  • The time you work and the salary you earn during the BackDROP period will not be used in calculating your monthly benefit amount or your lump sum.


To be eligible for the BackDROP, you must continue working in an MPERS covered position at least two years after you first become eligible for normal (unreduced) retirement.

BackDROP Date

If you elect the BackDROP at retirement, you will have an opportunity to select the BackDROP date that will be used in calculating your retirement benefit. In other words, MPERS will use your creditable service and final average pay (high 36) as of your BackDROP date when calculating your benefit. Selecting the BackDROP date gives you an opportunity to maximize your monthly benefit payment and lump-sum amount.

Assuming eligibility requirements have been met, whatever BackDROP date you choose, it must meet both of the following requirements. It must be:

  • On or after the date you are first eligible for normal retirement.
  • Within the five-year period immediately prior to your actual date of retirement.

BackDROP Period

The BackDROP period is the length of time between your BackDROP date and your actual retirement date. You may select a BackDROP period (in one-year increments) ranging from one year to the total years and months you worked after normal retirement eligibility, up to a maximum of five years.

Applying for BackDROP

No action is required until you actually apply for retirement. If you are eligible for the BackDROP, you will make an election on your Retirement Election Form, which is Step 2 of the Two-Step Retirement Process.

MPERS will use the information contained in your Notice of Retirement form (Step 1) to generate an individualized Retirement Election Form and benefit estimate(s) for your retirement elections. If you elect the BackDROP, you will be asked to select a BackDROP period and how you wish to receive the BackDROP lump sum (cash or rollover).

BackDROP Amount

The BackDROP lump-sum amount will equal 90% of the life income annuity amount that you would have received between the BackDROP date and your actual retirement date (as if you had retired on the BackDROP date). This includes any temporary benefits, cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs), and other applicable benefit increases for which you might have received during that period (if any).

Payment Methods

If you elect the BackDROP, you must submit a BackDROP Distribution Form. On this form, you will tell MPERS how you wish to receive your BackDROP payment.

  • Cash Option – If you elect the cash option, the lump sum payment will be paid directly to you. MPERS is required by law to withhold 20% of the payment for federal taxes. If you elect the cash option to receive your BackDROP distribution and you have not reached age 59 1/2, you may have to pay a 10% penalty on the taxable portion of the payment in addition to the regular income tax. For more information, consult our Special Tax Notice brochure and/or a tax professional.   
  • Rollover Option – If you elect the rollover option, your payment will be made directly to your Missouri Deferred Compensation plan account, traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or any other eligible retirement account. MPERS will not withhold any federal or state taxes relating to your rollover payment. However, your payment may be taxed in the year of the rollover if you chose to roll it into a Roth IRA account. The payment, once placed in your eligible retirement account, excluding the Roth IRA will be taxed when you withdraw it from the account.  
  • Combination Cash and Rollover Option- If you elect this option, you may specify the amount of the (cash) distribution to be paid directly to you, minus the required 20% federal income tax withholding. The remaining balance will be paid (rolled over) to your eligible retirement account.

For a detailed explanation of the payment methods and tax consequences, please review our Special Tax Notice brochure, which is available on our website www.mpers.org. We recommend you contact a tax consultant or financial advisor before selecting a payment method.