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Missouri Department of Transportation & Missouri State Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System

Active Members

It is never too early to begin thinking about retirement. Taking the time to understand your retirement benefits early in your career can lead to a comfortable retirement when the time comes.

The retirement laws in effect on the date the member leaves state employment determines both eligibility for a benefit and the provisions used to calculate the benefit.

Benefit Basics
Learn more about MPERS and your retirement benefits! Benefit specialists are more than happy to visit work locations for a Benefit Basics presentation. Ask your HR representative to organize a group presentation of no less than 15 attendees.

Benefit Formula
Future retirement benefit amounts are determined by a formula that is written in state law. This formula includes creditable service, final average pay, and a multiplier. More information on how the benefit formula works can be found in this section.

Disability Benefits
The state provides long-term disability (LTD) and work-related disability (WRD) benefits to active members of MPERS. These benefits may provide a source of partial income replacement in the event a member is disabled. This section includes the Disability Handbook and a brief summary of the benefits. 

Mid-Career Checkup Webinar
This webinar is designed to assist active employees of MoDOT and the MSHP who have between 5 and 15 years of service prepare for retirement earlier in their career.

myMPERS Secure Member Access
Members can access their retirement eligibility date, estimate a benefit, view annual benefit statements, register for Pre-Retirement Seminars, complete forms, and much more!

Survivor Benefits
MPERS is here to help our members to navigate this difficult, sometimes unexpected, season. Whether it is a retiree whose spouse has passed away or they are a surviving spouse of a retiree, it is important to know what benefits they may be entitled to. This section of the website will help members and survivors begin the process. 

Which Plan Am I In?
MPERS offers three retirement plans: the Closed Plan, the Year 2000 Plan, and the 2011 Tier. The member’s hire date determines which plan they are a part of. This section offers more information on the plans including educational webinars and plan handbooks.

Retirement Eligibility
Eligibility for a future retirement benefit is determined by several factors that are discussed in this section. 

Retirement Checklist
Feel like you’ve forgotten something in the retirement process?  This checklist will help you make sure all of your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. 

Retirement Process
Once a member is eligible to retire and has decided to take the next step, MPERS has a 2-step retirement process that is quick and easy.  

Pre-Retirement Seminar
This seminar is for members within five years of retirement eligibility. Representatives from MPERS, the MoDOT & Patrol Medical and Life Insurance Plan, and Deferred Compensation will cover topics that include retirement benefits, health care, deferred compensation plan and more.

Schedule an Appointment with a Benefit Specialist
Sometimes face-to-face interaction is welcomed when making a significant life decision like retirement.  Our benefit specialists love assisting our members who are considering retirement. Their goal is to make sure our members understand their options at retirement and are comfortable with the choice(s) they’ve made.

Pre-Retirement Seminar Reference Guide
This reference guide serves as a supplement to the Pre-Retirement Seminar.