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Retirement benefits are a valuable portion of your total compensation package. The true value of your MPERS retirement benefit may not be recognized until you get closer to retirement age and start wondering how you will fund your retirement.





Whether you are in the early stages of your career or closer to Retirement, our website has a lot of resources available to help with your decisions about retirement.

Find Information for Your Career Stage:

New to MPERS

We recognize that retirement may not be uppermost in your mind at this stage in your career. But at MPERS, we believe that planning in advance is essential to achieve a financially secure and enjoyable retirement. We encourage you to understand the advantages of your membership and the benefits you are entitled to receive. To learn more about MPERS and your retirement benefits, ask your HR representative to organize a group presentation.

Benefit Basics Seminar

Mid-Career MPERS Member

It's never too early to begin thinking about your retirement. Take time to understand your retirement eligibility. Your eligibility for retirement depends on your age and the amount of creditable service you have earned. The retirement laws in effect on the date you leave state employment determine both your eligibility for a benefit and the provisions used to calculate the benefit.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are available to all employees in benefit-eligible positions. These monthly premiums are paid by your employer.

Survivor Benefits

Survivor benefits are available if you are vested and die before retirement, the spouse to whom you are married on the date of your death is eligible to receive survivor benefits. The monthly benefit will be paid for the spouse’s lifetime and will be based on the benefit you have accrued as of your date of death and calculated according to the Joint & 100% Survivor Option. To learn more about MPERS and your retirement benefits, ask your HR representative to organize a group presentation.

Benefit Basics Seminar

Ready to Start Planning for Retirement?

You can start by using the tools on this site to estimate your benefits, learn how and when you can retire, get forms and more. In order to gain a better understanding of the retirement process view:

Retirement Process

Retirement Checklist

Pre-Retirement Seminar Workbook

MPERS hosts Pre-Retirement Seminars throughout the year for members within 5 years of retirement eligibility. Representatives from MPERS, the MoDOT & Patrol Medical and Life Insurance Plan, and Deferred Compensation will be covering topics that include MPERS benefits, health care, deferred compensation plan, and more. There is no fee for this half-day seminar and spouses or non-member guests are also invited to attend with the member.

Pre-Retirement Seminar

Are You a Retiree or a Beneficiary of a Member?

Stay informed about your retirement system. And keep us informed when your contact information changes by locating the FORMS button on the right side of each page and selecting the appropriate form for your needs. Forms are available and most can be submitted online.

Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs)

MPERS provides an annual COLA to eligible retired members, surviving spouses, former spouses, beneficiaries, surviving children under the age of 21 and work-related disability recipients. Regardless of which plan you are in, the annual COLA rate is based on 80% of the average percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers for the United States (CPI-U), with an annual maximum of 5%.